Passing on lasting faith begins with intentional conversations between you and your children. Talk About helps you do just that.

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A simple yet thorough weekly lesson to share stories and takeaways from Scripture with your children.

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More ways to engage with the lesson than there are days in the week!

Bonus Materials

Coloring pages, memory verses, parent-prep videos, playlists and more!

Bring consistent discipleship home

Designed for the whole family with multiple ages participating, we created Talk About for key ages 4-14.

What it is

Easy to lead and fit into your busy schedule

Supported by Scripture and robust research

A resource to equip parents and grandparents

Who it is for

Parents, caregivers, and grandparents who are investing in the future generation

Families who are looking for a discipleship resource that fits any family at any time or any place

Guardians who want to turn everyday moments into moments that matter

Turning everyday moments into moments that matter.

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Talk About delivers child discipleship through simple discussions and family fun.

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Pass it on.

What better legacy to share than resilient faith in Jesus for generations to come?

Talk About is the newest discipleship solution from Awana.

Awana is a global nonprofit organization, fueled by the generous donations of individuals, churches and organizations, as well as resource sales to accomplish our mission of equipping leaders to reach kids with the Gospel and engage them in lifelong discipleship. Our vision is that every child would come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Right now this is happening in 133 countries worldwide through 66,000 churches, reaching more than 4.9 million kids with lasting faith.

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