Print off the "Thru-the-Week Sheet" and use it all week!


Week Sheet

Memory Melody

Watch this week’s Memory Melody video with your kids to memorize this week’s verse!


Memory Melody


Make a collage of things that remind you of the steadfast love of God!

Materials needed: Scissors, magazines, paper and glue

Flip through a magazine with your child and have them select images to cut out. Glue the pictures onto the blank sheet of paper to make a collage that reminds them of how much God loves them.


Help your child memorize this week’s question, answer and verse.

Print off this week’s coloring page that includes the question, answer and verse!


Coloring Sheet


Thank You, God for Your never-ending love for us. You are always present and will never leave us. Amen.


Think about a time you were thankful God’s love is different from the love we experience on Earth. Why were you thankful for that? Share the experience with your children.


Listen to this playlist throughout the series to celebrate The Steadfast Love of the Lord!


2023 The Steadfast Love of the Lord Playlist


This week’s verse is found in the book of Lamentations. Help your child find the book of Lamentations. Is this book in the Old or New Testament? How many chapters are there?


Help your child go outside and take five photos of things that remind them of the steadfast love of God!